Dirty cart handles are unfortunately often a problem. If you are uncomfortable at the first contact already, you cannot freely enjoy your shopping trip anymore. The AlKuTec HygieneStation keeps everything at hand that a customer needs to make the shopping cart handle hygienic again.A special cleaning fluid and suitable paper towels are provided contact-free. Hands and handles are then clean and the risk of transferring germs is avoided. AlKuTec HygieneStation use long-lived batteries and therefore need no external power supply.​

If you can keep your darling dog safe while shopping, you will be more relaxed and immersed in the experience. DoggyBox offers double safety by a deposit/key system and pleasant climate for the four-legged guest even on hot days - this is practical for walking or motorised customers who do not wand to leave their pet in the hot vehicle. ​

The EuroShop trade fair in Düsseldorf takes place every three years and is not only an improtant opportunity for AlKuTec to present itself to the industry. The novelties that were shown to the trade aucience for the first time were at the focus on the first day already.HygieneStations, where the shop customers can clean their hands as well as the handles of their shopping carts cover an important need of trade.The DoggyBox concept draws positive comments from the trade fair visitors. Thop operators who want to offer this service to their customers in future make a great contribution to customer commitment. Interest is great, both among trade visitors from the country and among the international audience.   ​


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